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Business Advice
Promote With Postcards
Postcards have been consistently one of the more popular collectibles and used as promotional materials. More and more business owners are turning to color postcards as a good way of promoting their products and services. This is simply because postcards don’t have to be opened. It won’t get lumped in with all the mail envelopes that people usually toss without opening. Business owners can’t afford to make mistakes when it to comes to their promotional materials. They spend a considerable amount of money in it so they would want them to bring greater sales and profits to their business. Thus, if the postcard reveals a glossy, professional attractive picture, the recipient will likely look at the picture and turn it over to see who sent it. Then before putting it aside they might think of visiting your store on their next shopping spree. If you do not have an idea on how to design and create your own postcards asking the help of professional printers can help in creating... (more)

Adventures in dating
I talked to this guy on the phone for a couple of hours. Very interesting, funny, had me laughing, all was good.We met for a bite to eat. He talked so fast I kept having to ask him to repeat himself. Okay, maybe he was nervous.He left his phone in his truck then went to get it to show me a photo. That's when he discovered his keys were in the ignition. Again, maybe nervous.He would ask me a question but then answer it himself. For instance, "do you like the food? You must like it, you're eating it." Maybe really nervous.He mentioned I was hardly talking, when I had talked quite a bit on the phone. He had weight loss surgery about 15 years ago maybe. We talked about that. Then he asked me what my weight and shoe size are. I guess he thought that since we both had surgery, those were acceptable questions. Maybe I'm making excuses for him. He asked me if we could see each other again, because when we met it was very last-minute. The jury is still out.PS: I... (more)

Email Newsletter
buying a tens machine to alleviate chronic pain
A lot will of people are becoming aware of the availability of tens machines and they are buying them. This growing demand for tens machines however is not really that surprising. Many of the people however that by the devices have little to no idea regarding how they work and what they can do for them. This is why many people fail to choose the best TENS unit for back pain. You don’t want to be one of these people because you should take the time to get the knowledge that will allow you to evaluate the different TENS unit’s properly. There are many factors and features that make a great TENS unit. However you should never base your decision to buy a particular TENS machine just because it has so many features. The number of features that a TENS unit offers you is no sign that it’s great buy. You will want to look for the essential features and the features that you actually need. The number of electrodes for example is an important feature some TENS unit’s offer you... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
On Thursdays we wear pink (and drink tequila)
This week just gone has been way better :-) I don't think anything v interesting happened on Monday or Tuesday, and tbh I don't remember Wednesday either really but the end of the week has been soooo fun On Thursday me and Eline left the library early and went home and then went to Kathrine's to be fucking mean girls from Mean Girls (I know, kill me) for the 00s night at Drapers, and Emilie and Viktor came too - I can't remember much of predrinks except for talking lots to Camilla and having lots of horrible tequila and Emilie lifting me up (forgot about that until a butters picture went up today) and then we left and I don't remember the walk there v much and it was soooo fun! We met Ellen from work and danced with her a bit and me and Eline had some nice jagerbombs (what a lie) and then bloody walked Ellen home and it was nice On Friday I stayed at home until 2 and did readings and cooked my own breakfast and it was v nice and then went to uni for two hours of crap basically, then... (more)

Ego Suicide
Part 22
It was a good afternoon and evening. For some reason my moments of memory are always small flashes. It's always an out of body experience but it is all contained within me, what does that say about how I go through life? I can remembering not having conversations and staring into the fire we made. Something about it seems comforting. Maybe it's the warmth that seems familiar or maybe it's because it is surrounded by all the darkness in the miles of emptiness. I can almost convince myself for a moment that there isn't a whole world out there of responsibilities and unforeseen consequences to situations that have not presented themselves yet. Then you are back in reality, like none of it existed. You remember who you are, what place you are in and where your life is. It all comes crushing down on the small moments of emptiness that I can only later dream of. Whatever it is I am or what I will become is an unpredictable principal. It doesn't really amuse me to fear the unknown or... (more)

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